Film Stills Photographer

Matilda (Lydia Wilson)
Poldark (Aiden Turner) Bodmin Assizes
Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) red dress portrait
George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) & Elizabeth (Heida Reed), in bedroom, George kisses Elizabeth's shoulder
Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) Bodmin Assizes
Poldark (Aiden Turner) sea in background
Poldark (Aiden Turner) blood on his face
Poldark (Aiden Turner)
Poldark (Aiden Turner) with Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) stand together
Elizabeth (Heida Reed) walking on beach alone
Poldark (Aiden Turner) stands on deck of ship with crew around him
Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) in red dress
Poldark (Aiden Turner) with Captain Henshawe (John Hollingworth)
Caroline (Gabriella Wilde)
Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) at home
Elizabeth (Heida Reed) Bodmin Assizes
Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) on beach
Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) in front of mob
Francis (Kyle Soller) holding lamp in mine
men set fire to fence at night
men walking through woods at night with flame torches
Poldark Bodmin Jail (Aiden Turner)
Black & white portrait of Andy Allen
Vera (Mave Dermody) and Cyril Claythorne (Charlie Gallacher) walking
Vera Claythorne (Maeve Dermody) running
Vera (Mave Dermody) and Cyril Claythorne (Charlie Gallacher) walking in long grass
Vera (Mave Dermody) in long grass
Danny (Kascion Franklin)
Samson (Lenny Henry) portrait by adrian rogers
Danny (Kascion Franklin), Samson (Lenny Henry), Myrtle (Cecilia Noble) sit at kitchen table
Callum (Jim Sturgess) playing piano
Harold Lindsay-Jones (Alfred Molina)
Ringwood (Alfie Allen)
Mentz (Antje Traue)
Geoffery Salter (Julian Bleach)
Frau Bellinghausen (Lindsay Duncan) & Harold Lindsay-Jones (Alfred Molina)
Rachel (Charlotte Riley) looks up
Alex Lombard (Sebastian Armesto)
Geoffrey Salter (Julian Bleach)
Callum Furguson (Jim Sturgess) & Rachel Lombard (Charlotte Riley) in cinema
Callum (Jim Sturgess) dining in company
Alex Lombard (Sebastian Armesto)
Callum (Jim Sturgess) standing with secret files
Dieter Koehler (August Diehl)
Callum Furguson (Jim Sturgess)
Callum Furguson (Jim Sturgess)
Close To The Enemy - Behind Scenes
Ruth (Carly Bawden)
Victor Ferguson (Freddie Highmore) in car
Rachel Lombard (Charlotte Riley)
Callum Furguson (Jim Sturgess) & Dieter Koehler (August Diehl) talking
Eva (Angela Bassett) partying
Ringwood (Alfie Allen) smoking, waiting in hotel lobby
Dieter & Lotte (August Diehl & Lucy Ward) stand together in bomb site
Eva (Angela Bassett) playing the piano
Callum (Jim Sturgess) in dinner suit
Dieter Koehler (August Diehl) leaning on car whilst smoking a cigarette
Callum Ferguson (Jim Sturgess) in uniform standing by window
Callum Ferguson (Jim Sturgess) in doorway
Harold Lindsay-Jones (Alfred Molina) in garden
Kathy Griffiths (Phoebe Fox) standing in shadows
Kathy Griffiths (Phoebe Fox)
Lotte Koehler (Lucy Ward) walking holding toy, escorted by soldier
Oridinary Lies 2 characters pose in factory
TV series Oridinary Lies - Joe (Con O'Neill) sitting in the dark looking at laptop
TV series Oridinary Lies 2 - Joe (Con O'Neill) walking away from house
TV series Oridinary Lies 2 - Toke (Joel Fry) & Chrissy (Ella Peel) sat on yellow wall by sea talking
Arthur Havisham (Joseph Quinn) argues with Meriwether Compeyson (Tom Weston-Jones)
Sally Compeyson (Antonia Bernath)
Sally Compeyson (Antonia Bernath) argues with Meriwether Compeyson (Tom Weston-Jones)
Frances Barbary (Alexandra Moen) and Amelia Havisham (Tuppence Middleton)
Mrs Gamp (Pauline Collins) gossips with Mrs. Bumble (Caroline Quentin)
Amelia Havisham (Tuppence Middleton) outside
Mr Bumble (Richard Ridings) with Mrs. Bumble (Caroline Quentin) and Mrs Gamp (Pauline Collins) looking to adrian rogeres's camera
Portrait of Bill Sikes (Mark Stanley)
Compeyson Meriwether (Tom Weston-Jones) talking with Arthur Havisham (Joseph Quinn)
Jess Cranham (Kerry Bennett) tries to escape from Nikki Chisom (Anna Acton)
Dixie (Jane Hazlegrove) rescues Nikki Chisom (Anna Acton)
Sir Cormac (Ed Sheeran) and Robinus (Trevor Sellers) plotting
Wilkin Brattle (Lee Jones) with knife
Sir Cormac (Ed Sheeran)
Behind scenes with Ed Sheeran and Trevor Sellers
Iconic photo of David Brent (Ricky Gervais) sat at desk
Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) in Tardis
Foxes, Louisa Rose Allen, singing on Orient Express
The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) sits at table looking into adrian rogers's camera
Doctor Who (Matt Smith) eating fish fingers and custard with the young Amelia (Amy) Pond (Caitlin Blackwood)
Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt as the three Doctor Who together in the Tardis
Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) standing alone
Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) in Mummy On The Orient Express
Behind scenes, Jenna Coleman rehersal
unit film still of Richard E grant as Simion in Doctor Who's The Snowmen
The Doctor (David Tennant) standing outside the Tardis on London roof
Milus Corbett (Stephen Moyer) fights with Wilkin Brattle (Lee Jones)
film still of Anothy Head as Mr Finch in the Doctor Who episode School Reunion
Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) in the Caretaker episode, building an apparatus in the Tardis
Adolf Hitler (Albert Welling) punched by Rory (Arthur Darvill)
Adolf Hitler (Albert Welling) at the desk in vast office
Portait of David Tennant as Doctor Who
Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) dressed in wedding dress in the Tardis
The Day Of The Doctor poster
Doctor Who (David Tennant) with Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) looking out from the Tardis
Santa (Nick Frost) with The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) on a snowy rooftop
The Doctor (Matt Smith) in padded cell from episode Asylum Of The Daleks
Issac (Ben Browder) standing in street. Episode A Town Called Mercy
The Doctor (Matt Smith) finds his fez
The Doctor (John Hurt) walks away from explosion
Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) reels from Sycorax (Sean Gilder)
Count Dracula (Marc Warren) in chair with red drink
unit production still of Michael Gambon as Kazran Sardick in the Doctor Who episode A Christmas Carol
The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) in red space suit crawling,episode Kill The Moon
Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) looking into camera
The Doctor (Matt Smith) with Alex (Daniel Mays) and George (Jamie Oram)
Rose (Billie Piper) raises weapon, hair blowing, sat in seat
The Gunslinger (Andrew Brooke) stands in doorway of church. Episode A Town Called Mercy
Poster image for Doctor Who episode A Town Called Mercy
The doctor (Matt Smith) standing in Tardis corridor with Bram Van Baalen (Mark Oliver)
The Doctor (Matt Smith) shouts at Clara (Jenna Coleman) in episode Journey To The Center Of The Tardis
The Doctor (Matt Smith) looks into the camera
Porridge played by Warwick Davis outdoors from Doctor Who episode Nightmare In Silver
The Doctor (John Hurt) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) drink tea
Rose (Billie Piper) with Doctor Who (Matt Smith) and (David Tennant) in dungeon
Madge Arwell (Claire Skinner) branishes a pistol from Doctor Who episode The Doctor The Widow And The Wardrobe
The Doctor (Matt Smith) holds up Cyberman head
The Doctor (David Tennant) with pistol
The Dr (David Tennant) and Adelaide Brooke (Lindsay Duncan) close watertight door to escape
The Doctor (David Tennant) saves Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins)
Craig (James Corden) runs upstairs in Doctor Who episode The Lodger
The Doctor (Matt Smith) inside Pandora's box
Amy Pond's wedding
Vincent (Tony Curran) in Tardis
The Doctor (Matt Smith) stands by monitor with angel on it
Doctor Who (Matt Smith) meets the young Amy Pond (Caitlin Blackwood)
The Doctor (Matt Smith) looking at camera with torch
The Master (John Simm) about to be kidnapped
The Doctor in red space suit
The Doctor (Matt Smith) at the Tardis controls with beard
Photo of scene from Doctor Who, Carter (Richard Dellane)
film still from Doctor Who - Captain Avery (Hugh Bonneville)
film still from tv series Doctor Who - The Doctor at the wheel of a sailing ship in storm